Back in 2013, Neethi was pregnant with their first son and was in great shape. She lived an active life including playing basketball. But in October of 2013, she experience a personal situation which spiraled her into depression. During that time she abused her health and made bad food choices. In 2015, she wanted to be healthy again so she planned to go to the gym. But while there, the message "your not good enough" was so loud she gave up. She began to tell herself, "this is just the way you are going to be". 

In 2018, her church announced a new ministry called Fit For Christ and she began to attend. After 2 months of participating in the Christ Camp classes she saw results in her physical health and Spiritual walk. Neethi shared that the difference for her was the environment. The fitness classes are in Christian setting and there is positive motivation from the trainers and other participants. Neethi describes it like the Scriptures say "Iron Sharpens Iron", during the classes we help each other out. 

Watch her video testimony to hear

more about her journey and how

the Lord used Fit For Christ to

impact her life so she could be the

mom she wanted to be.